Chiarentana Confini

Confini is a unique blend of five varieties from Umbria, originally planted in our groves for experimental purposes (hardiness and flavor). Their blend has produced a very distinctive flavor-rich oil with an additional aroma of green tomato leaves.

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Chiarentana Confini

Azienda Agricola Chiarentana di Donata Origo

Since Chiarentana’s inception as a separate estate in the 1980s, it focused on producing outstanding olive oil. We provide the utmost attention to each phase, from planting new aromatic olive trees to the tilling of the groves. Each year, we choose the ideal moment to harvest each variety of olives separately before pressing and filtering them. The resulting oils, sold either pure or as a blend, are aromatic and pungent.
Tasting Sensation
Olive Leaf
Region Toscana, Italy
Food pairings
Grilled SalmonMatch: 4 / 5
Grilled LambMatch: 4 / 5
Broiled or Fried BeefMatch: 4 / 5
Grilled ClamsMatch: 4 / 5
Grilled BeefMatch: 4 / 5