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Coevo Ravece

Coevo Ravece is extra virgin olive oil produced using organic fertilization without any chemical treatment at the olives on the hills of Flumeri. It is made from 100 percent Ravece olives. The resulting oil has a scent of green olive with balanced intensity. It is fruity and pungent, with notes of green and tomato.

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Coevo Ravece

Az. Agr. Case d'Alto

The Case d’Alto farm originated from the desire to create products of excellence, which are strongly linked to the land. The purpose is to do only what nature and vintage allow by applying a rigid discipline, obtaining limited yields and putting techniques of olive growing with a low environmental impact in place. We believe that a good mix of tradition and experimentation can bring our products to higher levels of quality and offer the local community a great pride of belonging
Tasting Sensations
Green Tea,
Green Fruit,
Region Campania, Italy
Food pairings
Fried PotatoesMatch: 4.67 / 5
Raw (Carpaccio) BeefMatch: 4.67 / 5
Pork Vegetable Stir-FryMatch: 4.67 / 5
Roasted PotatoesMatch: 4.33 / 5
Semi-Soft CheesesMatch: 4.33 / 5