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Harvested from olive trees up to 1,000 years old, our 100-percent organic olive oil effortlessly brings the essence of Corleone to salad, pasta or freshly-baked bread.

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Bona Furtuna

Tradition, quality, passion and harmony are what define Bona Furtuna. Mixing techniques and practices with modern innovation, we are dedicated to growing and promoting the highest quality organic and heirloom ingredients and cuisines available throughout Italy. Bona Furtuna strives to discover and preserve heritage products using only the best expressions of environmental stewardship.
Tasting Sensations
Green Pepper,
Ripe Olives
Region Sicilia, Italy
Food pairings
Chocolate Ice CreamMatch: 5 / 5
Sautéed CauliflowerMatch: 5 / 5
Sautéed Squash, EggplantMatch: 5 / 5
Stir-Fry Chicken and VeggiesMatch: 5 / 5
Roasted PorkMatch: 5 / 5