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Early Harvest Premium Ayvalık

Gaia Oliva's Early Harvest Premium Ayvalık is produced from Ayvalık olives grown in a single estate in the Aegean region of Turkey. Cold-extracted shortly after harvest with modern methods that best preserve the volatile nutrient components. The highly fruity taste of this EVOO is unforgettable, with balanced bitterness and pungency. Rich with asparagus, almond and fennel aromas, Premium Ayvalık will be the favorite of olive oil aficionados.

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Early Harvest Premium Ayvalık

Gaia Oliva

As a female entrepreneur, Tuba Yılmaz dreamed of creating a healthy brand of delicious olive oil for herself and her loved ones. She also wanted everyone to experience the purity and calm of nature. Yılmaz set out on a journey to make the people living in the constant chaos of cities understand the natural experience of walking in an olive grove. Blending her years of business experience with an entrepreneurial spirit, she founded Gaia Oliva.
Tasting Sensation
Ripe Fruit
Region Turkey
Food pairings
Grilled BroccoliMatch: 5 / 5
SeaweedMatch: 5 / 5
Bok ChoyMatch: 5 / 5
Greek SaladMatch: 5 / 5
Grilled Squash, EggplantMatch: 5 / 5