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Hermus Arbequina

It is a smooth olive oil with fruity aromas, striking green color, delicate and pleasant feeling. The scents of almonds, green bananas, tomatoes, apples, artichokes, leaves and grass are intense.

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Hermus Arbequina

Hermus Olive Oil

Hermus broke new ground in 2008 and brought a Spanish olive variety, Arbequina, to our lands in Manisa-Köprübaşı. Nowadays, it continues on its way with different olive varieties by establishing olive groves reaching 2,000 decares.
Tasting Sensations
Fig Leaf,
Region Turkey
Food pairings
Grilled Squash, EggplantMatch: 5 / 5
Grilled AsparagusMatch: 5 / 5
Greek SaladMatch: 5 / 5
SeaweedMatch: 5 / 5
BeetsMatch: 5 / 5