Mimi’ Coratina

Mimi' Coratina is wide and embracing with an intense green fruitiness, hints of artichoke leaf and an elegant spiciness. In the mouth, powerful notes of leafy vegetables are present, including almonds, wild chicory and thistle.

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+ Shipping from MA

Mimi’ Coratina

Azienda Agricola Donato Conserva

The Donato Conserva farm embraces the entire supply chain in the production of extra virgin olive oil. Our olives are grown on 45 hectares, processed in our own mill, immediately filtered and stored.
Tasting Sensations
Fig Leaf,
Pine Seed
Region Puglia, Italy
Food pairings
Grilled TunaMatch: 4 / 5
Grilled ShellfishMatch: 4 / 5
Grilled PorkMatch: 4 / 5
Smoked PorkMatch: 4 / 5
Grilled PoultryMatch: 4 / 5