Nina’s Olivar

Our pristine oil creation starts with hand harvesting green olives. Regardless of the amount of olives that we have harvested, they are taken to a neighboring organic cold press mill the same day. We watch how the olives are de-leafed and sent for malaxation in an FDA-registered EU-certified organic state-of-the-art oil mill and then centrifuged for oil separation. The process in the mill takes about less than four hours until we see the green gold flowing from the tanks to our bottles.

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Nina’s Olivar

Nina's Olivar LLC

We are a female-owned company whose mission is to create pure, unadulterated, fine organic olive oil for clean eating. Farming and production are done responsibly, using various permaculture methodologies. We are located in the desert area of Spain's Almería province and we face tremendous water shortages. Following permaculture essentially means we create a natural habitat for the olive trees with lots of other nitrogen-fixing and companion plants along with swales dug out to retain water.
Region Andalusia, Spain
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Swiss ChardMatch: 4 / 5
Pound CakeMatch: 4 / 5
Biscuit CakeMatch: 4 / 5
CollardMatch: 4 / 5
Boiled or Steamed PeasMatch: 4 / 5