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Olive Truck – Coratina

This Mono-cultivar Coratina comes from olives grown in Granite Bay, California, It was harvested and bottled in October 2021. We have designed, financed and built a mobile mill fully equipped with state of the art vacuum olive processing equipment from Tuscany to deliver the freshest, finest, highest in polyphenol antioxidants extra virgin olive oil in all the world.

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Olive Truck – Coratina

Olive Truck

We searched for the best California olives and picked each of them by hand at the earliest sign of ripeness, when their color is darkening from green to purple. Since we do not like to lose any freshness, the olives are crafted by our state-of-the-art equipment right in our truck, which is parked right in the grove, allowing the oil to be bottled in seconds. Simple. Natural. This is our story. It is about perfection. Every single drop will tell you the same. Enjoy.
Tasting Sensations
Fig Leaf,
Bitter Almond,
Green Tea,
Olive Leaf
Region California, United States
Food pairings
Grilled PorkMatch: 4.67 / 5
Grilled CatfishMatch: 4.67 / 5
Roasted LambMatch: 4.67 / 5
Grilled ClamsMatch: 4.67 / 5
Smoked PorkMatch: 4.67 / 5