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  • General FAQ

    • What is the Best Olive Oils Marketplace?

      Every spring in New York, an international team of renowned experts evaluates 1,000 olive oil brands in the world's largest and most prestigious olive oil competition. The oils that achieve the highest ratings are featured on the Official Guide to the World's Best Olive Oils. However, finding award-winning olive oils at your local shop takes more than a bit of luck. That's why the NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition and the independent trade publication Olive Oil Times established the Best Olive Oils Marketplace, where now you can buy the best olive oils in the world from vendors who stock them.
    • How do I know I'm getting the best?

      The Best Olive Oils Marketplace features only extra virgin olive oils that were awarded at the NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition -- the largest and most prestigious olive oil quality contest in the world. This is one place you know you are truly getting one of the world's best olive oils. Vendors are rated, so you can rest assured the seller you choose makes customers happy.
    • How Does it Work?

      Choose from this year's award-winning extra virgin olive oils from merchants who know olive oil and care about quality. Browse by country of origin, variety or intensity. Want to know what brand goes best with the foods you're preparing? Try our pairing app to find the perfect match.
    • What makes an olive oil great?

      All extra virgin olive oils need to meet certain benchmarks in terms of chemistry, be free of defects and exhibit positive taste characteristics. But to be among the very best in the world, an olive oil producer must go much further than that.

      Trained experts can detect the complex qualities inherent in fresh, healthy fruit and identify certain distinguishing features of olive varieties that can elevate the tastes of foods to new heights while providing the healthy nutrients we expect. Judges at the NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition also look for harmony and balance which are integral to outstanding olive oil that brings out the most in our dishes.

    • Why are sellers rated, but not the oils?

      Every oil sold in the Marketplace has already been reviewed and rated by the most renowned panel of olive oil experts in the world, the judging panel of the NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition, who has bestowed on these brands the highest scores among one thousand entries from 27 countries. No matter which oil you choose, rest assured it is one of this year's very finest extra virgin olive oils. Sellers are rated for the quality of their services including packaging products with care, promptness of shipping and responsive support.
    • How will my order be shipped?

      You can see the shipping cost, which will depend on the seller's location and the weight of your order. Buy more oils from the same vendor to get the best shipping deal per item. Marketplace sellers take great care in shipping your order and you can track your shipment right to your door.
    • How do returns work?

      Opened bottles cannot be returned. Return unopened bottles within 30 days to the vendor for a full refund, minus shipping costs.
    • How about wholesale orders?

      We make it easy to offer your customers the best olive oils in the world. Sign up for a wholesale buyer's account to access bulk pricing for your restaurant or retail store. We'll notify you when your account is approved. Then you can just log in to see wholesale buying opportunities from importers and distributors.