Chiarentana Maurino

Maurino oil is immediately recognizable for its floral aroma reminiscent of gardens in spring, distinguishing it from all other Tuscan oils. It also reminds one of the typical Mediterranean plants with aromas such as sage, mint and rosemary. The flavor confirms the freshness of its fragrance in the mouth. A pleasant sense of green tomato can also be detected, followed by a slow pungent sensation in the throat.

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Chiarentana Maurino

Azienda Agricola Chiarentana di Donata Origo

Since Chiarentana’s inception as a separate estate in the 1980s, it focused on producing outstanding olive oil. We provide the utmost attention to each phase, from planting new aromatic olive trees to the tilling of the groves. Each year, we choose the ideal moment to harvest each variety of olives separately before pressing and filtering them. The resulting oils, sold either pure or as a blend, are aromatic and pungent.
Tasting Sensations
Ripe Notes,
Black Pepper,
Exotic Fruits,
Ripe Fruit
Region Toscana, Italy
Food pairings
Plain YogurtMatch: 5 / 5
Poached PollackMatch: 5 / 5
Poached ClamsMatch: 5 / 5
SoupMatch: 5 / 5
Baked or Broiled PollackMatch: 5 / 5