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Medineterranean LLC

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We love good food, we are from Spain, we love Italy, and we live in Florida. These four features are the core of meDINEterranean, the way to bring you the highest quality food of our Mediterranean culture, in order to turn a simple meal into a special dinner. We are travelling since many years looking for products of superior quality, with added values like artisan work, organic certifications or respect for the traditional way of produce. We know the people who make the products that we sell. We know the land and the coast where the raw materials grow up and they are selected. We believe that a special meal can make us happier, and it can also improve our health. We are based in Florida but we sell nationwide. This is our mission: to spread the Mediterranean way of eating and enjoying food across the U.S.

Pago Baldios San Carlos

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Finca La Barca

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Palacio de los Olivos

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